What Is The Average Car Insurance Singapore Rate?

Understanding car insurance rates can be a daunting task, especially when each country has its unique set of factors that affect the costs. For residents and expatriates in Singapore, knowing what to expect can help you make informed decisions, ensuring you get the best coverage at the most reasonable price. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the average car insurance rates in Singapore, the factors influencing these rates, and tips on how to get the best deals.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Singapore

As of 2024, the average cost of car insurance Singapore typically ranges between SGD 1,200 to SGD 1,500 annually. However, it’s important to note that these rates can vary significantly based on several factors, including the type of car, the driver’s profile, and the coverage options chosen.

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Rates

Understanding what influences car insurance rates can help you take proactive steps to potentially lower your premiums. Here are some of the key factors:

1. Type of Vehicle

  • Car Make and Model: Luxury cars and high-performance vehicles often attract higher premiums due to their higher repair costs and theft rates.
  • Age of the Car: Newer cars may have higher premiums due to their higher market value, whereas older cars might have lower premiums but could be subject to higher repair costs.

2. Driver’s Profile

  • Age and Driving Experience: Younger, less experienced drivers generally face higher premiums due to their higher risk of accidents.
  • Driving Record: A clean driving record can result in lower premiums, while a history of accidents or traffic violations can increase rates.

3. Coverage Options

  • Third-Party Only: This is the most basic coverage and typically the cheapest. It covers damage to third-party property and injury to others but does not cover your own vehicle.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft: This offers additional protection against fire damage and theft but still does not cover damage to your own vehicle in an accident.
  • Comprehensive: The most expensive option, comprehensive coverage includes all the above plus damage to your own vehicle from accidents, natural disasters, vandalism, etc.

4. No-Claim Discount (NCD)

The No-Claim Discount is a reward for drivers who do not make any insurance claims within a year. In Singapore, the NCD can range from 10% to 50%, significantly reducing your premium.

5. Mileage

Some insurers offer lower rates for drivers who do not drive frequently, as they are less likely to get into accidents.

How to Get the Best Car Insurance Deals in Singapore

Getting the best car insurance deal from Motorist is about more than just finding the lowest price. It’s about finding the right balance between cost and coverage. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Shop Around

Different insurers offer different rates for similar coverage. Use comparison websites and get multiple quotes to find the best deal.

2. Consider Your Coverage Needs

Evaluate what coverage you actually need. If you have an older car, you might not need comprehensive coverage, which could save you money.

3. Utilize Discounts

Ask about available discounts. Besides the No-Claim Discount, some insurers offer discounts for safe driving courses, bundling multiple policies, or even paying your premium annually instead of monthly.

4. Maintain a Clean Driving Record

As mentioned, a clean driving record can significantly lower your premiums. Drive safely and adhere to traffic laws to keep your record spotless.

5. Increase Your Deductible

Opting for a higher deductible can lower your premium. Just ensure that you have enough funds set aside to cover the deductible in case of an accident.

6. Check for Employer or Group Discounts

Some companies and professional groups have partnerships with insurers that offer discounts to their employees or members. Check if you qualify for any of these group discounts.

Common Myths About Car Insurance in Singapore

1. Red Cars Cost More to Insure

This is a myth. Insurance companies do not consider the color of your car when calculating premiums.

2. Older Drivers Always Pay Less

While experience can lower premiums, very senior drivers might see an increase due to higher risk factors associated with age.

3. Third-Party Insurance is Always Cheaper

While often true, it’s not a guarantee. Some drivers might find that comprehensive coverage offers better value, especially if they own a high-value vehicle.


Understanding the average car insurance rates in Singapore and the factors that influence them can help you make informed decisions, ensuring you get the best coverage at the most reasonable price. By shopping around, considering your coverage needs, and taking advantage of available discounts, you can secure a policy that fits both your needs and your budget.

If you’re looking for more personalized advice or want to get a head start on comparing rates, feel free to reach out to local insurance agents or use online comparison tools. Remember, the right car insurance policy not only protects your vehicle but also offers peace of mind on the road.

More Insights

When it comes to owning a car in Singapore, purchasing car insurance is not just a good idea—it’s a legal requirement. But how much should you expect to pay? This article delves into the factors that influence car insurance rates in Singapore and provides you with a comprehensive guide on what you might expect to pay on average.

Understanding Car Insurance in Singapore

Car insurance in Singapore generally falls into three primary categories:

  1. Third-Party Only (TPO): The most basic form of car insurance, it covers liabilities to third parties for injuries or damages caused by your vehicle.
  2. Third-Party, Fire, and Theft (TPFT): This includes everything in TPO but adds coverage for fire damage and theft of your vehicle.
  3. Comprehensive: The most extensive coverage, it includes everything in TPO and TPFT and covers damages to your own vehicle due to accidents, natural disasters, and vandalism.

Choosing the right type of insurance depends on various factors, including the value of your car, your budget, and your risk tolerance.

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Rates

Several factors determine the cost of car insurance in Singapore. Here are some of the most significant ones:

1. Age and Experience

Younger, less experienced drivers often face higher premiums due to their higher likelihood of being involved in accidents. Conversely, older, more experienced drivers generally enjoy lower premiums.

2. Type and Age of Vehicle

Luxury cars and newer models typically come with higher insurance premiums due to their higher repair costs and value. On the other hand, older cars may attract lower premiums.

3. Driving Record

A clean driving record with no claims, accidents, or traffic offenses can significantly reduce your insurance premiums. Conversely, a history of accidents and claims will likely result in higher premiums.

4. No Claims Discount (NCD)

The No Claims Discount is a reward system where drivers receive a discount on their premiums for each year they do not make a claim. In Singapore, the NCD can go up to 50%, significantly reducing the cost of your insurance.

5. Usage of the Vehicle

How you use your car also affects your insurance rate. Cars used for commercial purposes usually attract higher premiums than those used for personal reasons.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Singapore

To provide a ballpark figure, the average car insurance premium in Singapore typically ranges between SGD 1,200 to SGD 1,800 per year. However, this varies depending on the type of coverage and the influencing factors mentioned above.

By Coverage Type

  • Third-Party Only (TPO): SGD 600 – SGD 1,000
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft (TPFT): SGD 800 – SGD 1,200
  • Comprehensive: SGD 1,200 – SGD 1,800

These are general estimates and can vary widely based on your individual circumstances.

Tips to Save on Car Insurance

While car insurance is a necessity, there are several ways to reduce your premiums:

1. Compare Quotes

Always compare quotes from multiple insurance providers. Online comparison tools can make this quick and straightforward.

2. Increase Your Excess

Opting for a higher excess (the amount you pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in) can lower your premiums. Just ensure you can afford the excess amount in case of an accident.

3. Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Avoiding accidents and traffic violations will help you maintain a good driving record, thereby keeping your premiums low.

4. Take Advantage of Discounts

Look out for discounts such as safe driver discounts, loyalty discounts, and bundling discounts if you have multiple policies with the same insurer.

5. Review Your Coverage Needs Regularly

As your car ages, you might consider downgrading from Comprehensive to TPFT or TPO coverage to save on premiums.

Getting the Best Car Insurance for Your Needs

When shopping for car insurance, it’s essential to look beyond the price. Consider the coverage limits, exclusions, customer service, and the claims process. Reading reviews and asking for recommendations can provide valuable insights into an insurer’s reliability and service quality.


Understanding the average car insurance rate in Singapore and the factors that influence it can help you make an informed decision when choosing a policy. While premiums can vary, knowing what to expect and how to save can ease the financial burden of car ownership. Remember, the cheapest policy isn’t always the best; ensure that your chosen plan provides adequate coverage for your needs.

By taking the time to compare options, maintain a clean driving record, and take advantage of discounts, you can find a car insurance policy that offers both comprehensive coverage and affordability. Safe driving!

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